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Welcome to the The 2020 Technics/DMC World DJ Championship – the longest running DJ competition in the world!

The 2020 Technics/DMC World DJ Championship launches on September 7th and is open to every DJ around the world to enter.

DJs can start to warm up for the championship by entering a 1 minute routine or freestyle into the practice room on 7th September. (These sets are purely for warm up and will not be judged in anyway). You will be able to comment and show support on any video in the practice room.

National Championships

On September 16th we will open the submissions for the national championships. Most countries will be holding just one event – the national championship of their country, so you will be able to upload your 4 minute video from this date. If any country is hosting more than one event (elimination heat) then you will be able to upload a 2 min video for your country. All countries events and dates will be posted on the schedule/calendar page.

Once your countries National Championship date has arrived, the videos for your country will go live at 4pm GMT. If you have entered a video and there is not a DMC agent holding an event in your country, your performance will be entered into the Rest of World category. This allows any DJ from any country the opportunity to take part in the 2020 DMC World DJ Championships. If your video has been entered into the Rest Of World category, and there are more than three video entries then those videos will then be placed in a new category allowing you to be placed into your countries championship.

Once the DMC agent has sent the videos to DMC Champion judges, we will announce the winners on the website. (Dates will be set and you can check in the calendar page).

There will be no public voting in the 2020 DMC Championship, the event will be judged exactly the same as the LIVE DMC World DJ Championship events.

DMC World Eliminations

On October 28th all National Championships will be closed and all results will be up on the DMC website. We will list the DMC WORLD ELIMINATION DJs and we then open up the DJ submissions entry system for the those elimination DJs who will upload a 2 minute performance.

On November 8th at 6pm GMT the DMC World DJ Eliminations videos will go live for public viewing. The videos will be sent to DMC Champions to judge.

On November 16th at 4pm GMT we will announce the DMC World DJ Finalists and post all the judging results on the website. The World Final DJs can send DMC HQ their 6 minute World Final performance as a video file from this date and have until November 24th at Midday GMT to submit.

DMC World Final

November 27th – At 6pm GMT all the DMC World Final videos will be released as a live stream via the DMC website and Facebook. The world will watch the DMC World Final LIVE and the videos will then be sent to DMC World Champion judges who will be asked to judge the event as they would at a LIVE World Final.

December 4th – DMC will announce to the world @ 4pm GMT who is crowned The 2020 DMC/Technics World Champion!

Video Format Summary:

Practice Room: 1 minute freestyle / scratching / practice videos (Not judged by anyone)

National Champion Eliminations or heat (If applicable): 2 minutes (only applies to USA as they are the only country holding national elimination heats)

National Championship Final: 4 minute video

World Elimination entry if successful: 2 minute video

World Final entry if successful: 6 minute video


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